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Kuva näyteikkunasta, jossa valko-musta sävuinen rauhallinen kaupunkimaisema sekä taustalla nojatuolilla musta villahuovasta valmistettu Jyväskylä-tyyny.

Adorable windows in Jyväskylä

Ihana ikkuna (adorable window) -display window contest starts on saturday 19.11. in Jyväskylä. This year AAlan Design got to leave a trace with their handiwork in one of the windows.

The display windows of Tikkiverstas has been intertwined in peacefull urban atmosphere supplemented with Jyväskylä-cushions, made out of woolfelt.

With closer look you can even find dark figures, which are not really my line of work, but were so marvellous to make.

I suggest you go and see all the windows in live to get the best out of them. And it’s absolutely worth voting for your favorite one either on-line jyväskylän sydämessä -> äänestys or visiting the competing stores inside. All who has given their vote will take part in allotment of 20 € gift cards to the stores.

Musta villahuovasta valmistettu sisustustyyny (50 x 50 cm) konekirjotulla Jyväskylä-kuviolla.

This year Jyväskylä has it’s 185. birthday. It’s also the 20 th year since my settling in to Jyväskylä. Jyväskylä-products have been designed to appreciate my long-term home town. The design is made from the drawing of Linnan design. Read more from recent Jyväskylän juhlavuosi-post.

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